Stage Mom 7.0

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Tertiary character
Stage Mom 7.0
Emotitron Jr.'s mother.png
Whipping her son in disgust.
RelativesEmotitron Jr., son
First appearance"Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television" (4ACV06)
Voiced byTress MacNeille

Stage Mom 7.0 is the mother of Emotitron Jr., who attended her son's casting for the role of Antonio Calculon, Jr.. She was horrified when she discovered her son had left out the hanging wires, despite her constant complaints.

Additional Info


  • Her quote and beating is a play on the infamous quote/beating from the Joan Crawford biopic "Mommie Dearest"


    Mother: Hold on, precious. Let's make you look nice for the lady. [She smoothes his "hair" down and opens his chest cabinet, revealing wires.] What's this? [She snaps the wires out.] What did I tell you? [She whips him with every word.] No. More. Hanging. Wires!