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#[[Amazon Women in the Mood]]
<ol><li>[[Amazon Women in the Mood]]</li>
#[[Parasites Lost]]
<li>[[Parasites Lost]]</li>
#[[A Tale of Two Santas]]
<li>[[A Tale of Two Santas]]</li>
#[[The Luck of the Fryrish]]
<li>[[The Luck of the Fryrish]]</li>
#[[The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz]]
<li>[[The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz]]</li>
#[[Bendless Love]]
<li>[[Bendless Love]]</li>
#[[The Day the Earth Stood Stupid]]
<li>[[The Day the Earth Stood Stupid]]</li>
#[[That's Lobstertainment!]]
<li>[[That's Lobstertainment!]]</li>
#[[The Cyber House Rules]]
<li>[[The Cyber House Rules]]</li>
#[[Where the Buggalo Roam]]
<li>[[Where the Buggalo Roam]]</li>
#[[Insane in the Mainframe]]
<li>[[Insane in the Mainframe]]</li>
#[[The Route of All Evil]]
<li>[[The Route of All Evil]]</li>
#[[Bendin' in the Wind]]
<li>[[Bendin' in the Wind]]</li>
#[[Time Keeps on Slippin']]
<li>[[Time Keeps on Slippin']]</li>
#[[I Dated a Robot]]
<li>[[I Dated a Robot]]</li>
#[[A Leela of Her Own]]
<li>[[A Leela of Her Own]]</li>
#[[A Pharaoh to Remember]]
<li>[[A Pharaoh to Remember]]</li>
#[[Anthology of Interest II]]
<li>[[Anthology of Interest II]]</li>
#[[Roswell that Ends Well]]
<li>[[Roswell that Ends Well]]</li>
#[[Future Stock]]
<li>[[Future Stock]]</li>
#[[The 30% Iron Chef]]
<li>[[The 30% Iron Chef]]</li></ol>
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{{episode infobox/season switch|[[I Second That Emotion|← Season 2]]|[[Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch|Season 4 →]]}}
|[[I Second That Emotion|← Season 2]]
| style="text-align: right;" | [[Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch|Season 4 →]]

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