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This template contains the plot outline for the first three acts of Into the Wild Green Yonder, which is the same as the plot of "5ACV13" (5ACV13). The content of this page is included on both of those articles to avoid the need to change the same content in two locations.

Act I

In the Black Dwarf System, in the deepest space, a mystic green wave of light spreads across space. In the near by violet dwarf system in slightly deep space, the wave of light hits its astronomical bodies, including an asteroid, and life begins to form.

Cut to the old Mars Vegas, where the Planet Express crew is partying. But the city is soon to come to an end, because Leo Wong is demolishing it in front of a crowd, Leo explains that they are going to build a new Mars Vegas, bigger and better, out further in the desert.

At the construction site, a group of environmentalist feminists, the Feministas, lead by Frida Waterfall, shows up to protest the construction. To show his appreciation, Leo blows them up, and Frida's women symbol necklace is lodged into Fry's brain.

Leela becomes a bit concerned with Leo's lack of respect for nature. Leo defends himself, by explaining he has hired Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth as the scientist for an environmental survey of the construction. But Farnsworth is clearly being bribed by Leo.

In a small scum puddle, Leela finds a small Desert Muck Leech (Cyprinodon martius), Farnsworth explains that the puddle in question is the last place in the universe where this species breeds, which means it is a lot easier to rid of than the ponies. But Leo doesn't care, and lays a car park over the site, however, Leela has managed to save just one leech.

Leo is having some legal issues with what happened to Fry, so in a deal not to sue him, he gives him a free entry to the Poker tournament. When Leo needs the rest as witnesses, Bender scores them a deal for free suites and free dinner when the new Mars Vegas opens.

At the new casinos, Fry begins to experience that he can hear other peoples thoughts. Out on the street, the speaking worsens, as more and more people's voices enter his head, and so he flees into an alley where he meets Hutch. Hutch can apparently also read minds, but explains that in order to rid Fry of the voices, he needs a tin foil hat, which Hutch supplies. After which, Hutch explains to Fry that he is a mind reader, Hutch discovers something strange about Fry, with him being unable to read Fry's thoughts. Hutch warns Fry about the Dark Ones, and tells him never to speak of his ability.

Act II

Meanwhile, the Robot Mafia and Bender are enjoying a theatre of the pornographic art. Bender becomes especially interested in the key act of Fanny. So he tries to meet her at her dressing room, Fanny immediately becomes interested in Bender, but there is a slight hitch; Fanny is Donbot's wife. Despite this, they make out immediately behind Donbot's back.

Elsewhere, Fry wants to try out his new "superpower", and after mistaking it for invisibility, he decides to enter the poker tournament. At Elzar's place in Mars Vegas, Bender reveals the affair with Fanny to the crew. Despite the obvious display to Joey Mousepad and Clamps, Donbot is still not sure that the affair is real. Bender also decides to enter the Universal Poker Championship to please Fanny. Fanny warns him that he isn't lucky enough, but Bender explains he is 40% lucky which was a truckload of horseshoes. Fanny supplies Bender with Donbot's foot which would grant him 70% more luck, in addition to those two kinds of luck, he also stepped on a Leprechaun, which amounts him up to 3 kinds of luck, at which he cannot loose.

Donbot explains to the gang, that to convince him of the affair, Bender would have to win the poker tournament, which would mean that Bender has his foot, and thus he and Fanny are having an affair.


At the 3009 Universal Poker Championship, hosted by Penn & Teller, Bender and Fry meets up to discover each other has entered. With the other contestants eliminated, it is down to Bender and Fry, but at their final hand, Bender refuses to look at his cards, at which Fry cannot use his mind reading skill to know what to do. Fry calls Bender's all in. 3 kings and 2 aces are laid out by the dealer, Fry's hand is two aces, giving him a hand of four. Bender, however, has two kings, one being a coaster labeled "King of Beers", giving him a hand of five kings and he wins the championship.

However, Bender's win also means that Donbot has decided to deal with Bender and Fanny. Out in the desert, the Robot Mafia forces them to dig their own graves, after which they shoot them and bury them.

The episode ends with "To be continued".