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LocationUnited States
First appearance"Leela and the Genestalk" (7ACV22)
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Texas is the second-most-populous and second-largest of the United States. In 3012, Bender pretended to be a Texan millionaire. [7ACV12] In 3013, the crew went to a redneck bar that has a command centre in Texas. [7ACV22]

People born in Texas

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    Head of the A.C.L.U.: [singing] You can eat my dog. You can eat my truck. [4ACV05]
    But you eat my flag and you're outta luck!
    She's a-wavin' proud around the world, from Dallas to Fort Worth.
    Let me say it again...
    [A truck toots.]
    Crowd: [chanting] Don't mess with Earth!

    Bender: Wuh-ho! Don't shut that door, partner! [7ACV12]
    I'm a cuh-razy Texas robot millionaire, and I plan on losin' billions in your casiny! Can you assure me my losin's will be safe... in this here... money closet?!


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