The Silence of the Clamps

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Season 6 episode
Broadcast season 8 episode
The Silence of the Clamps
The Silence of the Clamps screenshot.png
Clamps gets a job at Planet Express.
Production number6ACV14
Written byEric Rogers
Directed byFrank Marino
Title captionNO REFUNDS
First air date14 July, 2011[1]
Broadcast numberS08E05
Title referenceThe Silence of the Lambs


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"The Silence of the Clamps",[2] originally titled "Bend on a Wire",[3] is the one hundred and second episode of Futurama, the fourteenth of the sixth production season and the fifth of the eighth broadcast season. It is scheduled to air on 14 July, 2011.[1] The episode was for some time thought to be the broadcast season premiere, but the announcement that "Neutopia" would air on 23 June in its place proved otherwise.


Bender joins the witness relocation program after testifying against the Robot Mafia.[4] Clamps gets a job at Planet Express.[5]


Maurice LaMarche revealed in an update online that this episode will have a large focus on Clamps, indeed his great breakthrough episode.[3] Episode writer Eric Rogers has also said, on his Twitter page, that "6ACV14 is directed by Frank Marino, not Ray Claffey".[6]

The characters Bender, Billionaire Bot, the Queen of Yonkers, Mayor Poopenmeyer, Fanny, the Donbot, Bella, Calculon, Clamps, and Joey Mousepad appear in a clip from the episode hidden as an Easter egg on Volume 5.[7] More characters can also be seen in the storyboard.[8]

During May and June 2011, Countdown to Futurama released three items of promotional material for the episode: reused concept art of the Crushinator from "The Series Has Landed" (accompanied by two classic Crushinator clips) on 22 May, part of the storyboard showing the Donbot's trial on 23 May, and a video clip featuring Clamps arguing with Zoidberg on 17 June.

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  • This episode marks the first time an 'F' word is used (Four times by Clamps, twice by Zoidberg, all bleeped)

This is first time that Space Pope talks in series and have larger role.


  • The title is a reference to the novel (and the film) The Silence of the Lambs.
  • The barn where Bender and Bella make out has the word "STABLES" on it, in the same font as the logo for office supply chain store Staples.
  • the first mission that Clamps goes on is the same one that Bender went on in the episode "The Series Has Landed"
  • When ordered to take care of Bender (who is actually Billy West) Clamps says that they're in space where no one can hear you clamp. The tagline of Alien is "In space no one can hear you scream".
  • The robot mistaken to be Bender was named Billy West, and Fry scoffs at that name.



    [Bender is seeing Clamps clamp Calculon.]
    Bella: Yeah, Daddy hates welchers. The only thing he hates more is witnesses... [Bender looks horrified.] ...and guys who mess around with his daughters... [Bender looks even more horrified.] ...and attempt to duplicate his meatball recipe. [Bender opens his chest cabinet and takes out a pan of steaming hot meatballs and looks even more horrifed.]

    Witness Relocation Robot: We're putting you in the Witness Relocation Program.
    Bender: I gotta hide? For how long?
    Witness Relocation Robot: Until the Robot Mafia finds and kills you. They're very good with that.


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