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Mexico 5.png
The house where Hermes lived in Tijuana (6ACV06).
LocationMexico, Earth
First appearance"Mars University" (1ACV11)
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Tijuana is a town in Mexico, located just a stone's throw away from the American frontier. There, Bender was built (3ACV06), Hermes lived in a dusty house while working for Mom as Inspector 5 (6ACV06), Fat-bot caught a computer virus during a trip with Bender and the other Fratbots (1ACV11) and Bender and Hermes tried to find Inspector 5 (6ACV06).

Locations of Interest

  • Fábrica Robotica De La Madre, Mexican equivalent of Mom's Friendly Robot Company
  • 387 Avenida con Pollo, Hermes' former residence
  • The border checkpoint

Additional Info


    Bender: Let's take a road trip to Tijuana and get Fat-bot some action.

    Bender: I was born on an assembly line in the bad part of Tijuana.

    Bender: I'm gonna squeeze you out of there like Tijuana toothpaste.