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Tertiary character
Tonya in the locker room of the NNY Recreation Center, in 3013. [7ACV25]
Age17 or 18
First appearance"Stench and Stenchibility"
Voiced byTara Strong

Tonya is a little girl who won a tap-dance contest that Randy organised in 3013. [7ACV25] She has a serious heart condition.

Tonya went to the finals with Bender. To ensure that he would win, Bender was planning to put rusty tacks in her tap shoes, but, before he was able to, she broke his leg with a baton. After her victory, she had a heart attack and died. Bender commemorated by dancing on her corpse, which ended up reviving her. The two later teamed up as street performers to rob passers-by.


Tonya was first seen in a promotional picture. [citation needed] She was also featured in a preview clip for 7ACV25, [1] six days before the episode aired.

Additional information


  • Tonya's name is a reference to figure skater Tonya Harding, whose ex-husband had a man break the leg of her competitor Nancy Kerrigan with a baton.


    Leela: Don't you lay a hand on that angel!
    Bender: Angel?! I've looked into her eyes and seen her soul! She's a monster.

    Tonya: Break a leg, Bender.
    Oops! Looks like you already did!

    [Bender revives Tonya.]
    Tonya: I took a nappie!



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