Transcript:Animatic:The Bots and the Bees

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Transcript for
Animatic:The Bots and the Bees
Transcribed bySanfazer

Bender: Aw! I'm gonna call 'im Ben. After the first half o' me, Bender! That's my bastard!


Ben: Bend it, daddy! Bend it like it called you poo-poo face!

Bender: It called me what?!? Ooooh! God damn!

Ben: Yay! You bended it like a p'etzel!

Bender: Okay. Now, you.

Ben: I can't do it!

Bender: Eh, buddy. You're learning. You'll get there.

Leela: Bender. I was wrong. You're a fine parent an' I want to apologi—

Bender and Ben: Leela was wrong! Leela was wrong!

Ben: Daddy. How'd you get so good at bending?

Bender: I inherited my arm-control software from my mom. That's how it's passed down. Mother to son.

Ben: But... My mommy had no arms. Does that mean I can never be a bender?

Bender: Well, sure you can. You just need to get a bending card installed.

Farnsworth: I hate to crush a boy's dreams, but... [happy] What the heck! [back to normal] 'E has only one expansion slot an' it holds 'is memory card. This Robot will never bend!

Bender: Don't tell my son what he can an' can't do! You may know what's in 'is head, [screaming] but you dunno what's in 'is heart!

Farnsworth: There's no slot in there either.

Bender: I said "shut up"!