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The Triton Base Camp on Triton. [6ACV18]
LocationNeptune orbit
First appearance"The Tip of the Zoidberg" (6ACV18)
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Triton is the largest moon of Neptune, a planet in the Sol System. By the 31st century, humans have landed on the surface of Triton, although it seem largely inhabitable, much like Earth's Arctic and Neptune.

Triton is also the home of a Tritonian Yeti.

Locations of Interest

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  • Much like its appearance on Futurama, Triton really is covered in ice and frozen nitrogen, and it is mainly made of rock and metal* . Its atmosphere is so thin, however, that its sky would look black, instead of light blue as on the show. Ofcourse this might have been changed, for example by terraformation, in the year 3000.[1]