Tube Transport System

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Location: New New York, All of Earth.


The Tube Transport System is a tube for citizens to go to across places and towns. A user will ask it where to go, and a computerized hear will make sure the path is clear and will take him to where the user wants to go. If there isn't a location of where the user wants to go, it will drop him off where the closest area is. Users go head first into the tube, giving the user a chance to land on their feet. First time users (Fry for example) usually don't land on their feet, and hit something close by, or fly through the air, because they have not technically mastered this manoeuvre yet. The abbreviation is TTS.

The Tube Transport System is free of charge and government funded.


Just like in the 20th Century rush hour traffic is still a problem. Citihall had to open a New line of tubes to reduce he traffic.

Tube Transport Stops


The Tube underwater