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  • Date Of Birth: September 7, 1985
  • Nationality: American by blood, but raised in Hong Kong
  • Favorite main character: Fry
  • Favorite minor characters:
  • I consider myself somewhat of a nerd. But I feel that true nerds would reject that. Although, growing up around meatheads mostly, I must say that I admire the nerds most of all, and I use the term with affection.
  • I had recently been posting feverishly on the other Futurama Wiki, however I feel it is a waste to divide it into two places, so I have defected.

I may not know the most about Futurama (There are some impressive fans) but there isn't any one thing that I know more about. Also, I have never met anybody that knows more about it than I do in the flesh.

  • I first saw an episode of Futurama when I was with my family in Minnesota during the summer more than a few years ago. Actually it was only a glimpse, as my sister was watching something different and was killing commercial time. I remember those two minutes as being so enjoyable that all I cared to do for a long while was seek out Futurama to watch. (the episode turned out to be A Taste of Freedom and the scene was the "mud globbing" bit).

Now a confession: Unfortunately Hong Kong did not then, nor has it ever, aired Futurama on any channel, cable or otherwise. In these circumstances, I was forced to download them from filesharing programs. These raw grainy episodes were how I came to love futurama.

Needless to say the instant I had the opprotunity to buy them on DVD, I did so. In fact, as atonement for my years of taking so much from the show yet giving nothing back, I purchased two box sets; One for my sister as a thank you for inadvertently sparking my interest. Watching the episodes on DVD after seeing them as grainy mpegs for years was like watching an entierly new show. It was like I got to see each episode for the first time again.