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Complete Collection.jpg This user has every episode on DVD.
Futurama-ps2-cover.jpg This user has a copy of the Futurama game.
Bender's Big Score.png This user has a copy of Bender's Big Score.
BWABB.png This user has a copy of The Beast with a Billion Backs.
Futurama Returns.jpg This user has a copy of the Futurama Returns comic.
Futurama Comic 1.jpg This user reads the comics.
ZoidbergToynami.jpg This user has at least one of the Toynami action figures.
$$ This user has a variety of Merchandise.

Species: unknown
Planet of Origin: unknown
Voiced By: unknown
Born: unknown
Fan since: March 28th, 1999 (1ACV01)
Joined: unknown
First Appearance: unknown



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