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Hi, I'm Heather.

  • I'm from the Old New York area.
  • I have a BS in Computer Science and a Masters in Game Development (yes, my degree is in making video games).
  • I know how to use MediaWiki better than most (but not all!) people.
    • As far as I know, I'm the only User:JediRogue in the world of wikis so if you see the name, its probably me.
  • I had a copy of the originally aired Space Pilot 3000 but I deleted it for the DVD version. This is sad because I already had the DVD version on the DVD. I miss the "JFK Jr. Airport" joke.
  • I think Baby Bender is adorable.
  • The theme song is my ringtone... but I really want the remixed theme from Bender's Big Score
  • I'm also sad my poster from the Pilot was torn when I took it down so I'm going to need a new one to frame because its stunning and I love movie posters
  • I will sign any petition and write letters to keep Futurama on the air if the need arises.
  • I usually cry when I watch Leela's Homeworld, Jurassic Bark, and Luck of the Fryrish
  • Favorites:
    • The Late Philip J. Fry was the best of the new episodes.
    • Bender's Big Score was the best movie.
    • Roswell That Ends Well is probably my favorite of the classics.
      • And I just noticed that all three are time-travel episodes. Which is funny because I'm picky about time-travel in sci-fi because I think paradoxes that are unacknowledged are sloppy. Futurama just handles them in a funny/clever way.
    • Fry is probably my favorite character because he's living his dream in a sci-fi fantasy.