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Season ? episode
She's Got the Devil in Her Heart
Leela s baby belly.png
Production numberTemplate:E/codes/PixieBeatle256/She's Got the Devil in her Heart
Written byPixieBeatle256
Directed byN/A
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First air dateSomeday
Broadcast number?
Title referenceThe Beatles song by the same name

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Season ?

She's Got the Devil in her Heart was a literature/episode novelled by PixieBeatle256. It was mostly sheduled to air on either FOX, Comedy Central or some other channel in the future, but actually a novel by PixieBeatle256.


Fry gets Leela pregnant with twins and they get engaged, and Leela goes on maternity leave so the Professor hires Demonica to temporarily pilot the ship for Fry and Bender while Leela's on maternity leave. Then Demonica and Bender start dating.

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