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Tertiary character
Deceased character
First appearance"Where No Fan Has Gone Before" (4ACV11)
Voiced byDavid Herman

Welshie was a redshirt Star Trek actor, who replaced James Doohan in the 2200s, because Doohan had trouble yodelling. He has an unnamed cousin.

However, when the Planet Express crew ran into the former cast of Star Trek on Omega 3, Melllvar finally appeared to explain how he had kept the Star Trek cast alive, though in obsession with being the biggest Star Trek fan, he would often focus his anger on Welshie, which eventually killed him, much to Fry's dismay.

Additional Info


  • Both his name, and what he says seems to imply that he is Welsh.
  • According to the commentaries, he apparently says "I am very drunk" in Welsh ("dwi wedi meddwi'n chwil").
  • That Guy with the Glasses contributor Welshy has said he is named after him.


    Nimoy: Welshie!
    Fry: Welshie?
    Nichols: We did some musical reunion specials in the 2200s but the guy who played Scotty had trouble yodelling.
    Takei: Ever since then, Welshie has been a welcome participant in our escapades.
    Welshie: Aye, dwi wedi meddwi'n chwil!