West Side Pipeway

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Westside Pipeway
The Westside Pipeway.png
Leela, Morris and Munda looking at the Westside Pipeway House. (6ACV12)
UsageManage the contents of pipes in the NNY Sewers
First appearance"The Mutants Are Revolting" (6ACV12)
Current statusIn the sewers, probably still bent

The Westside Pipeway is a giant machine meant to manage the contents of pipes in the NNY Sewers. in the Before the Devolution Revolution, it led the contents of pipes from the surface to their correct ends, including Lake Mutagenic. The machine was monitored by twelve mutants working under incredibly poor conditions, and according to Turanga Morris, "if these guys slack off for even a second, this thing will explode".

It played an important role in the Devolution Revolution that finally granted the Sewer Mutants their freedom. Once the Sewer Mutants had the Humans' attention, it was time to take revenge on them, by bending the Westside Pipeway to return all sewage to the surface. Mutated Fry wondered who could possibly bend such a huge pipe, but the answer was obvious. He then climbed through the sewerage onto the Planet Express hangar and took Bender Bending Rodríguez with him back to the sewers. With everybody cheering, Bender bent the pipe and what had gone down was sent back up. The sewage filled the streets and Mayor Poopenmeyer had to have an Antarian pump it all into Madison Cube Garden.

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  • It's a reference to the Great Machine in Metropolis.