Worlds of Tomorrow Animal Instincts Weekend

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The first content update (outside of the beta period) for Worlds of Tomorrow was 1.2.1, known as the Animal Instincts Weekend. It was released on July 7, 2017 and ended on July 11, 2017 at 3 PM EST. The currency during this event was packaged lizards.


Image Name Cost Build time Description
JoesArkPetStore.png Joe's Ark Pet Store Nixonbucks.png 950 4 hr Parthenogenic critters not available two by two.


Image Name Cost Description
8leggeddog.png 8-legged dog Boxedlizards.png 20 He's just an arachdnid that plays fetch.
Bongo.png Bongo Pizza.png 100 A crossover hare.
Owl.png Owl Boxedlizards.png 2 Vermin of the skies.
PurpleFruitSnake.png Purple Fruit Snake Boxedlizards.png 50 The eyes have it.
ThePimparoo.png Pimparoo 0 (requires owl, dog, and snake) Is it racist to assume he's into hip-hop?

Space Missions

Name Planet Image Branches Required level Enemies
Animal Instincts Omicron Persei 8 Boxedlizards.png 4 1 (1 branch)
5 (1 branch)
10 (2 branches)
Omicronian Guards