Zapp Brannigan

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\'\'\'Species:\'\'\' Human
\'\'\'Planet of Origin:\'\'\' Earth
\'\'\'Voiced by:\'\'\' Billy West


\'\'\'Zapp Brannigan\'\'\' is a 25-Star General in the Democratic Order of Planets and captain of the Nimbus.

Although he claims to be a strategic genius, he is actually an imbecile and a coward. He also suffers from a learning disorder called sexlexia. He is seldom seen without his second in command, Kif Fucker.

He repeatedly attempts to attract Leela, but she invariably turns him away (except the first time they meet).

The central law of DOOP, Brannigan\'s Law, is named after him.

Commendations and Accomplishments

  • Defeated an army of Killbots by sacrificing his troops until the bots\' pre-set \"Kill limit\" was reached
  • Rented self a medal after leading a successful assault on the Spider world Turantulon 6.
  • Led DOOP to victory over the peaceful Ball-People of planet Spheron One
  • Single-handedly defeated the Retiree People of the Assisted Living Nebula


  • Billy West has stated that Zapp Brannigan is how he envisions Captain Kirk playing William Shatner.