Zoidberg (Cornwood)

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Secondary character
Cornwood character
Species(Unknown Monster
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Voiced by[[Billy West|Billy West]][[Category:Characters voiced by Billy West|Zoidberg]]

He is Zoidberg in an alternate reality, he was a large monster with multiple limbs, a lobster tail, and green blood. He is a member of The Fellowship.

When the fellowship entered the Cave of Hopelessness, they mistook Zoidberg for the Tunnelling Horror, so Leegola ripped out both of his hearts and decapitated him.

Later when Frydo went insane, his (still living) decapitated head convinced him to destroy the Die, they arrived at the Geysers of Gygax,Momon caught them but Frydo was overwhelmed and Zoidberg made himdrop the dice,wgich landed on 12 turning Frydo into a dragon.

As Frydo and Momon fought, Zoidberg went to destroy the dice, but changed his mind because ultimate power sounded nice. Just as he was celebrating, Greyfarn, just finding out he was Ignus' father, fell of the ledge, landing on Zoidberg. He dropped the Die which was retrieved by Momon, which caused everyone to fall into a large hole leading back to earth.

Additional Information


  • His anotomy is alot different than the normal Zoidberg's:
    • Multiple Limbs.
    • Large lobster tail.
    • Green blood.
    • The ability to survive as a decapitated head.
    • His head decreases in size when he is decapitated (However this is probably a goof).
    • Testicles behind his neck.