A Close Shaving

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A Close Shaving
First appearance"That's Lobstertainment!" (3ACV08)

A Close Shaving is an MMCMXXII holographic short silent comedy film starring Harold Zoid. [3ACV08] A man enters a barber shop without realising that the Decapodian who is about to attend to him is extremely incompetent.



    Man: [He walks in a shop, where a Decapodian barber, played by Harold Zoid, sharpens his razor blades.] Your finest trim, please. [He takes his hat off and the barber uses his claws to cut the man's moustache completely off. The man is shocked.] You are a buffoon. Now cut my beard.
    Barber: [He puts shaving foam over the man's chin and cuts his head off. The man's head bounces through the door. The barber waves the man's hat.] Sir, you forgot your hat! [The film ends with the captions "The End" and "Buy Moxie".]

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Cast and Crew



  • Harold Zoid
    • Writer
    • Director
  • Metropolitan Holoplays
    • Production studio

Additional Info



    Dr. Zoidberg: My Uncle Harold was a big Hollywood star back in the era of silent holograms.
    Leela: Your uncle was Harold Zoid?
    Dr. Zoidberg: This I cannot deny.
    Professor Farnsworth: Why, I've been a Harold Zoid fan since back when my hips were made of bone. As it happens, I still have some of my original 78s. [He picks up a big 78 Million RPM Holodisk, blows the dust off it, and puts the disc onto a gramophone-like machine. A black-and-white 3D picture appears in the middle of the table.]
    Hermes: [After the Planet Express crew has watched the movie.] You're right, crabby. He's a hell of a lot funnier than you could ever be.