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Tertiary character
Alarm clock
Alarm Clock.png
The alarm clock in 3010, in Amy's apartment (6ACV08).
First appearance"That Darn Katz!" (6ACV08)
Voiced byTress MacNeille

Amy's alarm clock is a very primitive robot. Her primary function is to awaken people from their sleep. She apparently hooked up with Bender, who was all over her snooze button, in 3010, which caused her to oversleep on the day of her owner's thesis presentation at Mars University. The alarm clock lives in Amy's apartment.

Additional Info


  • She seems to have evolved from 21st century alarm clocks. Like many futuristic robots, the alarm clock is self-aware and has her own personality. Fry's alarm clock is more primitive than her, though.


    Amy: [At 8:50, after realizing she was late for her thesis presentation at Mars University.] I thought I set you for 7:15.
    Alarm clock: Sorry. I hooked up with Bender last night. Dude was all over my snooze button.


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