Bender's Bounty

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Tertiary character
Deceased character
Bender's Bounty
Bender's Bounty.png
Bender's Bounty (horse) in 2014, [SABF16] Disputed canon possibly in Springfield.
Date of death2014
GenderReferred to as "he"
Planet of originEarth
First appearance"Simpsorama"

Bender's Bounty was a race horse that Bender bet on in 2014, [SABF16] Disputed canon after going back in time from 3014 to Springfield to kill Homer Simpson in order to prevent a group of rabbit creatures with Homer's D.N.A. from destroying New New York. When the horse was announced to be "way, way, way back" in the race, Bender shot a laser at it with his eyes, causing it and its rider to explode.

Bender went to the race while stuck in the past, because he had realized that he knew "the result of every horse race ever", and took Homer's daughter Maggie. He later gave her part of a sum of money that he was storing in her diaper ("here's your cut").

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    Bender: There's a horse called Bender's Bounty! But my memory says he died durin' the race. [dismissingly] That can't be true.

    Lou: Oh, chief... It looks like a robot killin' horses, over there.
    Chief Wiggum: Aw. A six-oh-eight. [He mumbles.]
    Lou. Can't you just let me enjoy my day off?


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