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The relationship between Bender and Amy Wong is a recurring theme on Futurama.


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Bender and Amy's relationship was first explored in "Anthology of Interest II" during a What-if scenario, when Bender was asking what if he was an human where (in his new human state) is attracted to, and is kissed by, Amy.

[Bender looks Amy up and down.]
Bender: Whoa! You look a lot better than you used to for some reason.
Amy: (sexfully) You're not so bad yourself, big boy.
[She kisses him.]
Bender: Hey, that felt great!
[He kisses Farnsworth.] Nah, it's not working anymore.
Farnsworth: Speak for yourself!

In Bender's Game, though not technically Bender and Amy but their Cornwood-counterparts, Titanius Anglesmith and Gynecaladriel were kissing and spend nights together.

Bender appears to be aware of Amy's attractiveness (and its usefulness). In "The Prisoner of Benda" be uses the professor's mind switching machine to occupy her body, and attempt to seduce the guards to a crown he is attempting to steal. In "Attack of the Killer app" Amy is seen in a pink bra and undies doing a "sexy teacher act" for Bender so that can film it and get can get more followers than Fry to win a bet. (Amy also holds Bender in this episode when she is shocked) Bender also acknowledges her beauty in "Where the Buggalo Roam" when Amy is kidnapped:

Kif: Amy Nooooo!
Bender: Don't worry, Kif, I'm sure another beautiful rich girl will fall for you... (Laughs wildly)

In "The 30% Iron Chef" when Bender cooks each person their own meal, to exemplify Bender says: "Amy you're cute, so I baked you a pony."

In "Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch" Bender functions as her answering machine. (However ineffectively, Amy's current boyfriend Kif says he leaves hundreds of messages with her answering machine, but Amy never seems to get them.) In the same episode when it is found that Kif is pregnant, Bender expresses anger and frustration at Kif. "Just when I thought I'd figured out you biological creatures, theres something else?! Let me at him!" (Leela and Fry hold him back when he attempts to attack Kif)

In "The Deep South" Amy wakes up from sun baking and screams

Amy: Sunburn! My fabulous body! It's ruined! What happened to my parasol?
Bender: I don't know. It wasn't here when I took your umbrella. [Amy growls.] What? I put sunblock on you.
Amy: Well it didn't work!

Amy turns around and stomps off. On her back Bender has spelled out "Honk If Bender Is Great" in sunblock. He giggles.

At the end of "The Mutants Are Revolting", when partying Bender danced with Amy, and at the beginning in the group photo, he had his arm around her (and Fry)

Their relationship truly began in "Proposition Infinity", when Amy had split up whith Kif. Kif is hurt by her flirtations and attraction to "bad boys", which he is not. Whilst the crew was attempting to make her feel better, Bender repeatedly tells her to shut up and makes fun of her all night. (Kifs theory regarding Amys attraction to "bad boys" proves to be correct in the scene that follows.)

Amy: Bender, why do you have to be so mean to me?
Bender: Shut up, baby, you love it.
Amy: Don't tell me to shut up! You know what happened to the last guy that told me to shut up?
Bender: What?
[Scene: Amy's apartment. Amy and Bender are in bed together.]
Amy: That was great.
Bender: (sexfully) Shut up. [Amy climbs on top of him and they start kissing] Come over here.

After this, Amy and Bender discover a mutual attraction for each other and engage in an active sex life. They enter into a taboo robosexual relationship, keeping it a secret from their co-workers. Eventually Bender and Amy get caught making love by the entire crew. Professor Farnsworth immediately disapproves, whereas the rest of the crew accepts Bender and Amy's relationship. The professor attempts to end the relationship by sending Amy away with her parents and calling the Robot Pastor for Bender. While at her parent's Mars ranch, Amy is saved by Fry, who poses as her new beau. Amy saves Bender from the camp the Robot Pastor sent him to. They go back to the Planet Express building, where Bender proposes to Amy.

Bender: Listen up, everybody, I love Amy and I'm tired of pussyfootcupping around! I finally found someone I want to spend the rest of her life with. Amy,
[He lowers his body and pulls a ring out of his chest cabinet. It has a tag that says exhibit A.] will you marry me?
Amy: Yes! Yes!

The Professor reminds them that robosexual marriage is illegal in New New York. To fight against this, Bender and Amy launch a campaign, Proposition ∞, for the legalization of robosexual marriage. In days before the election, Prop. ∞ support slumps in the polls. Amy loses hope, but Bender says they'll win following his debate tonight against Professor Farnsworth. Bender gives a heartfelt speech and the audience applauds.

Bender: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I... Oops. Sorry, force of habit. I support this proposition because I love a goopy, flesh-and-blood woman, and not surprisingly, she loves me. This is a simple matter of justice, which I'm not normally for. So, please, vote yes. After all, our love isn't any different than yours, except it's hotter, 'cause I'm involved.

The next day, Prop. ∞ is approved. Amy is ecstatic, saying she and Bender can have a normal, monogamous marriage now. Upon hearing the word monogamous, Bender leaves Amy for two robot hookers, while Amy goes back to Kif, who became a bad boy for her. Returning things to normal.

In "Cold Warriors" when the planet express crew is shrinking away from a flu infected Fry, Bender and Amy hold each other. Later in the episode a sick Amy rings a bell and Bender comes to her aid. She requests a humidifier, and Bender responds with an annoyed "Fine". Bender's chest cabinet then starts shaking and begins exuding steam.

In "Naturama" the salmon version of Bender mates with a salmon Amy.

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