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This article is about the Bender duplicates in "Benderama". For the Bender duplicates in Bender's Big Score, see Time paradox duplicate.
Bender duplicates
Bender duplicates.png
Microscopic Bender duplicates in close-up. [6ACV17]
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First appearance"Benderama" (6ACV17)

The Bender duplicates are the billions of duplicates of Bender that were created by Professor Farnsworth's duplicator in the summer of 3011. [6ACV17] They are all exact copies of Bender, including appearance and personality, but they are all smaller than him. The original Bender created the first generation of Bender duplicates, which was made of two Benders who were 60% of him. Those two created the next generation, which were 60% size each of the first generation's robots, and twice as numerous (there were four of them). This pattern continued until Earth was threatened by quintillions of microscopic Benders.


The source of the duplicates is an invention of Professor Farnsworth, the Banach-Tarski Dupla-Shrinker, which has the power to copy an object and recreate two additional copies of it, 60 % of its size. All it requires is some kind of matter as fuel. To help him with some work, Bender copies himself, creating two smaller duplicate Benders. He copied himself holding the duplicator inside him, meaning his duplicates as well each gained a duplicator. When needing additional work, they as well copied themselves, creating additional, smaller duplicates. This continued on an escalating scale, until there after just a few days were thousands of Bender duplicates. The Professor now realised that if the group was to continue expanding at that rate, they would soon consume all matter on Earth, resulting in disaster. The Planet Express crew therefore tried to destroy all duplicates they could find, but they missed one.

This one duplicate continued to duplicate, and soon there were billions of duplicates at a microscopic scale. As these tiny robots all needed alcohol to function, they soon consumed all alcohol on Earth, leading to what the Professor assumed was their end. Unfortunately, the duplicates then found a way to go into the molecules of water on a microscopic level, and transform it into alcohol. In a short time, all water on Earth had turned into alcohol, leading all of Earth's population to be drunk all the time.

The duplicates were later convinced by the original Bender to help in defeating a common enemy, the unattractive giant monster, who threatened to destroy New New York. The duplicates formed one giant Bender, who battled the monster and finally won. Excited about what they could accomplish together, Bender asked if they wanted to help him in ridding of other evils of the world, such as hunger and "unliteracy".

This led the duplicates to question the big Bender, and they decided to leave Earth to find a new home. Some duplicates, however, decided to stay back on Earth.

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