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Futurama Game Bogad.jpg
LocationThe corner of the universe furthest from Earth
Inhabited byAdoy, horse-like and hippo-like reptilians
First appearanceFuturama (video game)

Bogad is located in the furthest corner of the universe and is the home of Adoy and several non-sentient beings including a reptile like creature which has the characteristics of a horse which is easily ridden by Zoidberg. It is also the home of the time tunneller which Adoy invented with the machine at one end of a dangerous swamp path and the switch at the other end. Its appearance is like a jungle and a swamp with a number of rivers.

Additional Info


  • Bogad is based on the planet Dagobah from Star Wars, the name is spelled backward minus two letters.
  • At some point in time, a pirate ship sank in the swamp. The flag is still visible.