Buggalo Bill's

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Buggalo Bill's
Buggalo Bill's.png
Buggalo Bill's in 3009 (ItWGY).
LocationMars Vegas
First appearanceInto the Wild Green Yonder

Buggalo Bill's is a place in Mars Vegas. The Planet Express ship passed through a screen of its in 3009 (ItWGY).

Additional info


  • Buggalo Bill's is a parody of Buffalo Bill's. This suggests that it is a hotel and a casino.
  • The cowboy depicted in the screen lifts his hat, revealing a third eye. This can be a reference to either The Twilight Zone, an episode of which includes a Venusian invader with a third eye under his hat, or Dragon Ball Z, an episode of which includes the line "This three-eyed cowboy is going for one last ride".