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Tertiary character
ProfessionThe Mayor's aide
First appearance"The Why of Fry" (4ACV10)
Voiced byBob Odenkirk

Chaz is the Mayor's aide, a job which gets him the ability to reserve an ice rink (4ACV10). In fact, there is only one thing he can't do: fail the Mayor. He often shows his importance by showing his badge. Chaz briefly went out with Leela who loved him for his importance. However, Leela dumped him when he didn't let orphans skate with them because he thought he was too important. He also had a date with Yivo, a planet-sized alien (TBwaBB), and attended the Violet Dwarf Star Implosion ceremony (ItWGY). He can be seen along the Mayor and his secretary in the Annual e-Waste Recycling Festival (6ACV03).

Additional Info


  • Chaz has a pet lizard.


    Elzar: Table for two? Right this way.
    Chaz: I'm afraid we don't have a reservation but, as you can see, I'm the Mayor's aide. Table for two, please.
    Elzar: Okay then.

    Chaz: Beat it, kids! Come back when you got connections!

    Chaz: Don't worry, Fry! I'll pull some strings; see if I can't get you tried as a juvenile!