Common cold

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Common cold
Cold Warriors infobox.png
Fry infects his guinea pig with the common cold (6ACV24).
First appearance"The Cure for the Common Clod" (US#011)
Current statusCured
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The common cold was a typical disease until the 26th century, when it was eradicated completely. However, it was reintroduced 500 years later by Fry's sneezing, causing the whole of Manhattan to be covered in saran wrap. The previously common disease is a threat to 31st century society as the humans no longer have antibodies to fight off the disease.

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  • In the comic, which exists outside the canon of the episodes, the reintroduced common cold removed the infected people's inhibitions and when the infection passed, mucus based life forms were produced.


    Fry: It's nothing. [He scratches his nose with his right hand and sniffs.] Just a common cold.
    [Fry shrugs.]
    Zoidberg: Wha?
    Bender: It's a common uh?
    Hermes: Wha?
    Leela: What the hell's a common cold?