Crack Mansion

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Crack Mansion
LocationNew New York, Earth
First appearance"Three Hundred Big Boys" (4ACV16)

The Crack Mansion is a very posh crack house. Its patrons are treated very well, with butlers offering to pre-warm their crack pipes. It was visited by the crack addict after he received his $300 tax rebate.

Additional Info


  • The Crack Mansion is ironic because crack houses are often in run-down and abandoned buildings, in contrast to a posh mansion.
  • A "Crack Mansion" may be understood as a higher class of crack establishment than a crack 'house', the same way as a mansion is typically understood as a higher class of dwelling than a [family] house. The joke is, of course, that 'crack house' is not a class of crack establishment (where all classes would be prefaced with 'crack' [+class name]), but rather a generic name for any location where crack is routinely used.
    • This is a similar form of joke to the Admiral Crunch and Archduke Chocula breakfast cereals, where both mascots have gotten a promotion since the 21st century, except that both mascots' names are meant to be integral wholes, rather than a rank-name combination.