Fifty-Year Squirts

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Fifty-Year Squirts
Mentioned Squirts.png
The Norwegian seed guard telling the crew about the Fifty-Year Squirts.
OccurredBefore 2202
First appearance"The Futurama Holiday Spectacular" (6ACV13)

What exactly the Fifty-Year Squirts were is not known, but they required an awful amount of toilet paper, to the degree that the pine tree went extinct after all trees had been chopped down to produce it (6ACV13). The pine tree's extinction was over 800 years prior to 3002 (2ACV04), and the epidemic lasted presumably circa fifty years of length. A more disturbing interpretation is that whatever caused the Squirts did not leave the body for 50 years, much like the 24-hour flu.

Additional Info


  • The Fifty-Year Squirts were only mentioned in a non-canon segment, so it is not certain that they actually happened.
  • Because the event was called the Fifty-Year Squirts and required a lot of toilet paper, it may have been a massive epidemic of diarrhea.


    Norwegian seed guard: Now, your pine trees were all chopped down to make emergency toilet paper during the Fifty-Year Squirts. Lucky the seeds have been preserved here in the vault there.