Free Waterfall, Jr.

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Secondary character
Deceased character
Free Waterfall, Jr.
Free Waterfall, Jr..jpg
RelativesSee Waterfall family
First appearance"The Problem with Popplers" (2ACV15)
Voiced byPhil Hendrie

Free Waterfall, Jr. was the son of Free Waterfall, Sr. and the head of Mankind for Ethical Animal Treatment (M.E.A.T.). He was a known "anti-eating activist".

Together with his organization, Free Waterfall Jr. fought against Fishy Joe's's product of popplers. Together with "Fishy" Joseph Gilman and Turanga Leela, he debated on Date Night. Despite Leela's agreement that it was wrong to eat popplers, she didn't buy his argument that it was incorrect to eat other animals. He even threatened to boycott Fishy Joe's in vain, as his organization wouldn't have visited it anyway.

As the Omicronians were about to consume the substitute for Leela, Waterfall, Jr. interrupted pointing out it was not Leela, but an orangutan. Despite his efforts, Lrrr was not pleased with his attempt to take over the show, and consumed him. Given Lrrr's reaction to eating him, Waterfall Jr. might have been smoking some "bad" granola.

Additional Info


  • He represents a stereotypical hippie.
  • He is shown at the Space Demolition Derby in 3008, although he died several years before. It could've just been someone who looked like him.