Fry's old apartment

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Fry's old apartment
Fry's old apartment.png
Fry and Michelle in Fry's old apartment, on 31 December 1999, in Fry's subconscious. [7ACV23] Not seen are a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge, a closet, and a stereo.
LocationOld New York
First appearance"Game of Tones" (7ACV23)

Fry's old apartment was where Fry lived right before he was frozen. [7ACV23] After he unfroze, Fry moved in with Bender in his apartment. [1ACV03]

In 3013, Fry underwent a lucid dream so that he could find the source of a melody that he had heard on 31 December 1999, [7ACV23] the day that he was frozen. The dream started with him waking up in the apartment with his former girlfriend Michelle.

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