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Thank you all for your kind donations to the project!


We believe that The Infosphere is a great project. In addition to that, we want to keep it available at high speed and at as little as no expense to our readers. But we also want to keep it advertisement free. However, something has got to give in this case. And since the project itself is not a profit investment, and will never be so, we rely on the donations of our contributors and our visitors.

We are currently trying to raise 500 EURs (646.05 USD, 444.36 GBP), which should help pay for at least 15 months into the future for our current server expenses.

What your money is going to

The money you are donating to The Infosphere is solely going to keep the project alive, and will only be used for the server expenses. The Infosphere has no employees and is purely kept alive by volunteers.

Other payment methods

In case you cannot use PayPal, we allow the following methods:

Money order
You may contact Svip and arrange the details.