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Dr. Ogden Wernstrom is Professor Farnsworth's nemesis and formerly one of his best students at Mars University in the early 2900s. Dr. Wernstrom is an old enemy of Professor Farnsworth and was determined to get back at him for something as trivial as getting an A minus in an exam. His obsession with avenging himself against Farnsworth caused him to promise that he'd get back at him even if it took a hundred years. Approximately a hundred years later, he made the promise a second time (1ACV08), despite the fact that he most likely wouldn't live to be over two hundred. Wernstrom frequently sneers at Farnsworth whenever the elder scientist makes blunders. He has also been described as being a jackass (1ACV08), not just to Farnsworth, but to pretty much anybody. Wernstrom is a clever scientist, possibly the equal of Farnsworth. However, Wernstrom seems to be biased against robots, claiming that he had suspected they were responsible for global warming after this was confirmed by Farnsworth (4ACV08). Wernstrom's rivalry with Farnsworth has softened over the years and they have even worked together from time to time.