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This is a guideline article.
It is thus considered a standardised method of writing articles. Following this article is encouraged.
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Episode article

Progress: 75%

Episode articles are episodes from the show. They all use the Template:Episode infobox as their infobox, and use the Template:Navigation bottom for bottom navigation. Since new "standards" are proposed for these articles, they are not all finished yet.


An episode article will require the infobox and the bottom navigation. Then it will include a plot summary subsectioned in Acts (which are possible to get from the DVD sets). Below there is the "Additional Info" area. This area will include a general trivia (just called "Trivia") section, a continuity section (for references to other episodes, or relations), an allusion section (for references to other popular culture or otherwise from outside the show), a goofs section (for mistakes and nitpicks1) and an appearance section (consisting of both a character section and a place section). Below that is a credit section, which lists everybody involved in the episode.

  1. It is suggestible that perhaps changing the "Goofs" section to "Goofs/nitpicks".

Example: (of an episode article to copy): "Jurassic Bark" (4ACV07)


Comic article

Progress: 75%

Comic articles are comics from Bongo Comics. They should all use the Template:Comic infobox, and also require a navigation in the bottom in a similar fashion as episodes. All comics which have articles are done, however there are still many comics without articles.

Film article

Progress: 100%

Film articles refer currently to newly released (and coming) Direct-to-DVD films. They all use the Template:Film infobox as their infobox, and the Template:Navigation bottom for bottom navigation. These articles are all currently in good state.


Film articles are quite similar to episode articles, they use the film infobox and navigation bottom template. They start by including an overview of the film. If the film is released, a plot outline is followed. Below this is an additional info section like in episode articles. This include character list like in episode articles, but also include a cast list. If the film is not released, there is usually not a lot of trivia information, so a trivia section can be had inside the additional info, if not make a secondary article and link to it from there. Finally a credit section like in episode articles.

Example: (of a released film) Bender's Big Score


, (of an unreleased film) The Beast with a Billion Backs


Character article

Progress: Unknown

Character articles are characters seen in the episodes, comics and films (and possibly even other media such as the game). They use the Template:Character infobox as their infobox. Not all character articles uses this template yet, but are progressing. Progress is currently unknown.

Place article

Progress: Unknown

Place articles describe locations and planets among other locations seen in the episodes, comics and films (including other media). They use the Template:Place infobox as their infobox. Not all place articles uses this template yet, but are progressing. Progress is currently unknown.

Transcript article

Progress: 0%

Transcript articles include transcript from each episode (it is unlikely to adopt it to the comics, as that would be most likely a violation of some rights). They should all use the Template:Transcript infobox as their infobox and Template:Navigation bottom for navigation in the bottom. Few of these articles are created, and a standard is still being "developed", so not in partially good state.

Commentary article

Progress: 25%

Commentary articles describe the DVD commentaries for episodes and films. They should all use Template:Commentary infobox as their infobox (but since this one is not created yet, this is not possible). They should also use the Template:Navigation bottom for navigation in the bottom. Since not all of these articles are written, and have yet to have the infobox, they will need attention.

Item article

Progress: 25%

Item articles describe items, technologies among other objects that cannot be considered a place or character. These articles use the Template:Item infobox as their infobox. The current state is so and so.

Crew article

Progress: 25%

Crew articles describe the team behind Futurama. These articles should be using the Template:Crew infobox as their infobox (since it is not created yet, they cannot). Their state is in need of attention. A lot of crew articles are missing as well.

Misc article

Progress: Unknown

Misc articles are articles that does not comply to any of the formats above, e.g. the article about Xmas. These articles uses the Template:Misc infobox as their infobox. This infobox will include a lot of optional variables for very different things.