Kif's offspring

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Tertiary characters
Kif's offspring
Kif's Children.jpg
The babies racing towards water
Date of birth3003
SpeciesAmphibiosan / Sewer Mutant / Human hybrids
Planet of originAmphibios 9
RelativesSee family section
First appearance"Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch" (4ACV01)
Voiced byUnknown

Kif's offspring are the biological babies of Kif and Leela, conceived when Leela touched Kif's hand while trying to help him to not fall out a hole in the Nimbus' hull into space. Then, Kif became pregnant and Amy, as Kif's smizmar, became their adoptive mother. They were born on Amphibios 9 in the Clan Kroker's Sacred Birthing Grounds, and it was said they would crawl back onto dry land in 3023.

When the Emerging occurred in "Children of a Lesser Bog,", only three of the children -- named Newt, Mandy, and Axl -- survived the Winnowing and crawled back onto land. While they initially identified Leela as the mother due to biological instinct, they nevertheless bonded to their actual parents fairly quickly. However, when Amy needed a break during Kif's mission with DOOP, she had Leela as a babysitter, and became jealous of how well the babies bonded to her. The Grand Midwife then issued a challenge for Amy and Kif to prove Amy's parentage due to Amy not being their biological mother. However, Amy quickly passed this challenge by saying she loves her children more than she thought she could ever love anything.

Character Description

The three children, on Leela's back

The three surviving children are of different physical ages due to the different conditions of the water in which they matured.

Axl is physically the oldest, with dark green hair and a small mustache. He wears a green T-shirt over a grey long-sleeved shirt, as well as jeans and sneakers. Resembling a teenager, he is very moody, often trying to appear cool by playing pranks and committing vandalism. He also has an immature sense of humor. However, he's also very emotionally sensitive, being the first to cry when his father leaves for duty and supporting his mother during the challenge for her motherhood.

Mandy resembles a preteen and appears to be the only female in the group, sporting a headband, a lavender tank top, blue shorts, and sandals She is playful and has an artistic side, as seen by the drawings in her father's quarters. She often plays with Axl and is sensitive to his teasing. She apparently had a pet hamster that she forgot to feed, putting her high on Robot Santa's 3023 naughty list.

Newt resembles a baby and the only cyclops in the group. He wears a green onesie. He is cheerful and playful, and seems the most attached to Leela due to his physical similarity to her. While he attaches to Amy by the end of the episode, he does not seem to fully remember Kif after Kif returns from duty.


Additional Info


  • Half of them are cyclopean, like Leela is. Newt is the only cyclops to survive the Winnowing.
  • The children are all named after amphibious animals. Newt is named for the newt, Mandy is named for the salamander, and Axl is named for the axolotl.
  • For unexplained reasons, they have traces of Scruffy's DNA.
  • Mandy is frequently seen with Rumbledy-hump merchandise.