Le Grand Cigar

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Le Grand Cigar
Le Grand Cigar close.jpg
First appearance"Three Hundred Big Boys" (4ACV16)
Current statusIncinerated

Le Grand Cigar was an unique cigar located in its own glass case inside Hacking Jack's Fine Smokables. According to Hacking Jack, the wrapper was a piece of the original United States Constitution. [1] It was hand-rolled by Elizabeth II during her "wild years" and was buried with George Burns until grave robbing space mushrooms did something unspoken to it. [4ACV16] After spending an unknown number of years inside the store, it was stolen in 3004 by Bender, who started smoking it at the reception displaying the loot taken from the Spiderians. The cigar was lost forever when Hermes accidentally knocked it from Bender's hand and caused a fire, burning it completely up.

Additional Info


  • The cigar is said to have been buried with George Burns. George Burns was a comedian who was famous for puffing on a cigar during his stand-up routines.


    Bender: Say, buddy, why's this Grand Cigar so pricey?
    Hacking Jack: Well, as you can see, its wrapper is a piece of the original U.S. Constitution. It was hand-rolled by Queen Elizabeth during her wild years and was buried with George Burns until grave-robbing space mushrooms -- Uh, well you know the rest.


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