Lightspeed Briefs

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Lightspeed Briefs
Lightspeed briefs game.png
First appearance"A Fishful of Dollars" (1ACV06)

Lightspeed Briefs are comfortable underwear that cost around $30 for a pack of three. They were advertised in Fry's dreams which made him want a pair, but he couldn't afford them.

Advertisments for Lightspeed Briefs can be seen on buses in "Proposition Infinity" and "Stench and Stenchibility".

Additional Info


  • A palette-swapped pair of the briefs (presumably belonging to Zapp Brannigan) can be seen in "War Is the H-Word".
  • A pair of Lightspeed Briefs came with the Fry action figure made by Moore. However it did not reappear in the Toynami versions (the current line).


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