Lovey Bears

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Lovey Bears
Lovey Bears.jpg
First appearance"Love and Rocket" (4ACV03)

The Lovey Bears are a popular product by Romanticorp. According to a Romanticorp advertisement, they are created by kissing each other together out of blanket cloth and magic buttons, but are actually genetically engineered as a real species. The Lovey Bears frolic in the Lovey Forest until their first birthday, when Romanticorp chooses the cutest ones, stuffs them full of fluff, and sells them as a product for couples to purchase for each other as gifts, usually for Valentine's Day.

Additional Info


    Sheldon: It's actually cheaper to genetically engineer real ones. [They pass some Lovey Bears on a grassy area.] They frolic in the Lovey Forest until their first birthday. Then we choose the cuddly-uddliest ones and stuff them full of fire-retardant love fluff!
    Amy: So cute!


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