Maxi-Padlock warden

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Tertiary character
Maxi-Padlock warden
First appearanceInto the Wild Green Yonder
Voiced byDawnn Lewis

The Maxi-Padlock warden ran the Maxi-Padlock prison and monitored the Feministas in 3009. [ItWGY] She cut costs around the prison everywhere, especially on punishment, thus requires inmates to make prison unpleasant for themselves. This includes allowing them to sexually harass new inmates, organize no-holds-barred catfights and maintain poor hygiene.

Additional Information


    Maxi-Padlock warden: Ladies! Welcome to hell.
    Petunia: Beats Nutley on a Saturday night.

    Maxi-Padlock warden: This... is a privately-owned, for-profit prison and I run a tight, cheap ship!

    Maxi-Padlock warden: Oooh, a troublemaker. [laughs] Taste the lash of my 99¢ store nightsick!