Needy Newbies

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Needy Newbies
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First appearance"The Owner of Mars Attacks!" (US#003)

Needy Newbies are genetically engineered by an unknown evil intergalactic corporation. Newbies are designed to be highly collectable, coming in a variety of colours and styles. A rule was given to collectors to keep them in their cages until the whole set was collected. When Newbies touch, they join together to make a larger Newbie and when enough of them have joined they will instinctively try to destroy humanity. While the members of Inez Wong's collectors group have most likely all gotten rid of their Newbies, nothing has been done to prevent this happening to the Newbies of other collectors.

Additional Info

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  • In both appearances, the comics were pencilled by James Lloyd.
  • There are 91 kinds of newbies, judging by the number of boxes and newbies in Mrs. Wong's collection.
  • The Needy Newbies are similar to Furbies and Gremlins.