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Oktoberfest Sign.png
The entrance to Oktoberfest, in 3012. [7ACV08]
Celebrated whenAnnually, September-October
Celebrated whereNeander Valley, Germany
First appearance"Fun on a Bun" (7ACV08)
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Oktoberfest is an annual celebration of German food, drink and culture in Neander Valley, Germany. The Planet Express crew attended the event in 3012. [7ACV08]


According to Fry, the event consisted of "beer, scantily clad barmaidens, and more beer" in his time, and complained frequently about the lack of heavy drinking. At the event, a history kiosk explains that the event had taken place for hundreds of years.

In 3012, the event consisted of an exceptionally high-class clientele. Leela claims that this is because people in Fry's day were "backwards and crude", and so the event has simply evolved over time to a fancier event.

By the conclusion of the 3012 event, Neanderthals had been reintroduced to the outside world, and the event returned to its previous nature, consisting of wild parties and heavy inebriation.

Known Events

  • Bier tasting
  • Sausage-making competition

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