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Peace officers
Smitty and URL.jpg
Peace officers URL and Smitty (3ACV03).
LocationEarth, New New York
First appearance"Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)
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Peace officers are the men and women of the New New York Police Department charged with keeping the peace and enforcing laws. In New New York the most commonly seen peace officers are Smitty and URL, who have been shown making arrests, monitoring community service (3ACV05), and as corrections officers (3ACV03, 5ACV06) . Peace officers are provided a lightsaber baton, which they use frequently and violently. Peace officers may have jurisdiction outside their hometowns, since Smitty and URL were on Pluto monitoring Bender's community service after he spilled dark matter in the penguin reserve (3ACV05).


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  • In North America, "peace officer" encompasses any and all public sector employees charged with enforcing laws, including police, customs officials, correctional officers, and many others. Smitty and URL can be seen as condensed versions of their real world counterparts.


    Leela: You guys were totally out of control.
    Smitty: It's our job. We're peace officers.
    URL: Yeah, you know the law: You gotta do what you gotta do.


Smitty appears in all episodes (not counting film episodes), due to being visible in the opening sequence. The list below consists of appearances of peace officers outside of the theme only.