Reverend Pickens

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Tertiary character
Reverend Pickens
Reverend Pickens.png
Bender telling Leela about Reverend Pickens.
First appearance"Yo Leela Leela" (6ACV21)

Reverend Pickens is a reverend; however, despite his religious title, he was caught in a whorehouse by Bender. His hypocrisy discovered, he decided to jump out the whorehouse window.

Additional Info


    Bender: My God. You stole all your ideas from those poor, innocent creatures and hogged all the credit?! I underestimated you.
    Leela: Wait! I can explain.
    Bender: Nah, don't ruin it. I'm lovin' the hypocrisy. It's like catchin' an evangelist in a whorehouse. That was the best Christmas ever.
    Leela: You know I hate lying. But those orphans were so proud of me, I couldn't bear to let them down.
    Bender: Pfff! At least Reverend Pickens had the dignity to jump out the whorehouse window with his pants around his ankles.