Robot Uprising, 3001

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Robot Uprising, 3001
Robot Uprising.jpg
ResultResolved by Mom, victory to Earth
Appearance"Mother's Day" (2ACV14)
Side ASide B
MomPresumably Zapp Brannigan
Prof. Farnsworth
Robots built by Mom's Friendly Robot CompanyNon-robotic peoples of Earth
Greeting CardMany wounded, deaths unknown

The Robot Uprising of 3001 began on the festival of Mother's Day.


Mom called all her robotic children to hear a speech. In the middle of her speech she pulled out her universal robot controller and forced the robots to rebel. Earth fell into chaos, with all robotic technology turning against humans. Mom's sons reveal to the Planet Express crew that the universal robot controller is hidden in Mom's bra and in a desperate attempt to restore civilisation Mom's old lover, Professor Farnsworth, planned to sleep with Mom to steal the controller.

With help of "the wheel" built by Fry, they all went to Mom's cabin in the Bronx. Farnsworth managed to seduce Mom but unfortunately forgot about stealing the remote and just slept with her. Mom decided to end the rebellion before the robots ruined that "wonderful moment" with Farnsworth, but the bra is on top of a ceiling fan, which is robotic too. Just as the robots began to attacking, Bender joined the humans after learning the new robot society wouldn't include beer and got the bra with the controller from the fan. Mom ended the rebellion, but finished with Farnsworth when she discovers he just wanted the bra.

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