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Temple of Robotology.png
Organisation typeReligion
First appearance"Hell Is Other Robots" (1ACV09)
Current statusActive

Robotology is a religion followed by many Robots. Robotology has many customs, such as abstaining from smoking, pornography, stealing, abusing electricity, and alcohol. Members follow the teachings of The Good Book 3.0 and are baptised in High Viscosity Baptismal Oil and the symbol of the religion, which serves as a locator beacon, is affixed to their body. Robotology seems to believe that Robot Jesus is the Messiah. [3ACV21]

Sinners are collected by the Robot Devil to spend eternity in Robot Hell, New Jersey, where they are tortured in agonising and ironic ways. If the condemned are able to best the devil in a fiddle contest, they can go free under the Fairness in Hell Act of 2275 and win a golden fiddle.

The only known minister of Robotology is Reverend Lionel Preacherbot, whose sermons and mannerisms are similar to typical inner-city African-American pastor stereotypes of the 20th century.




Additional Information


  • Both the Robot Devil and Preacherbot provide their services to other faiths and species, and each other.
  • The symbol of Robotology is based on the electrical symbol for a resistor.
    • It also translates to G in AL1.
  • The name Robotology is similar to that of the religion of Scientology.