Ron Whitey

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Secondary character
Ron Whitey
Ron Whitey.jpg
Planet of originProbably Earth, United States, New New York
RelativesKitty, wife
First appearance"A Tale of Two Santas" (3ACV03)

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Voiced byBilly West

Ron Whitey (more commonly known as Judge Whitey) is a male Human who is an arbiter of justice. He believes that people are never too rich to enjoy a free turkey dog. [4ACV16]


A parodic archetype of the worldview, values, and mannerisms of a "country-club WASP", he is very rich and seems to lack morals. Whitey is preoccupied with money and wealth, but does not know what a bank is until his caddy's chauffeur informs him that "a bank is a place where people put money that isn't properly invested". Judge Whitey is also the reason that the Institute for Criminally Insane Humans is full, and is reminded this by a baliff, who says "that facility has been full ever since you declared that being poor was a mental illness".


Ron Whitey sentenced Santa Bender to be executed at sundown [3ACV03] and Fry and Bender to asylum, [3ACV11] divorced Fry and Leela, [3ACV14] attended Fry's opera, [4ACV18] ironically, was seen as a homeless man due to the actions of the Scammer Aliens, [BBS] was run over by Calculon, sentencing him to community service, [TBwaBB] attended the 100th-delivery party, [6ACV12] and served as the judge in the case Mom v. Farnsworth. [6ACV25]

Additional info[edit]


  • Judge Whitey is one of the few characters who are drawn with eyebrows.
  • As evidenced by his name, Whitey was created to lampoon stereotypes about rich white people.


    Ron Whitey: The charge is bank robbery. Now, my caddie's chauffeur informs me that a bank is a place where people put money that isn't properly invested. Therefore, robbing a bank is tantamount to that most heinous of crimes, theft of money. [3ACV11]

    Fry: I refuse to testify on the grounds that my organs will be chopped up into a patty. [3ACV11]
    Ron Whitey: Ah, the 67th Amendment.

    Ron Whitey: Counselor, what evidence do you offer to support this new plea of insanity? [3ACV11]
    Hyper-Chicken: Well, for one, they done hired me to represent them.
    [Judge Whitey bangs his gavel.]
    Ron Whitey: Insanity plea is accepted.

    Ron Whitey: So I said to Kitty, "The only way to keep the butler from running away is to cut off, his foot!"
    [Bender laughs quietly and lights his cigar.]
    Ron Whitey: Yes, it reminds me of a joke I heard about upper-middle-class people. [4ACV16]