Seven-leaf clover

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Seven-leaf clover
The Luck of the Fryrish.jpg
Owner(s)Philip J. Fry, Lars Fillmore, Yancy Fry, Jr., Philip J. Fry, II
UsageGood-luck charm
First appearance"The Luck of the Fryrish" (3ACV04)
Current statusBuried with current owner

The seven-leaf clover is a good luck charm that was found by Fry and it was used in activities such as basketball and break dancing. When Fry had it Yancy tried to steal it so it was hidden in a Ronco record vault. Shortly before Yancy's wedding after Fry was frozen, he found the clover and when his son Philip J. Fry, II was born, he was given the clover. Philip J. Fry II used it to become very successful in his life such as landing on Mars. He was buried with it and Fry tried to get back the clover because he thought Yancy had it but returned it when he found out that it was his nephew that had the clover. The timeline adjustments in Bender's Big Score change the clover's history slightly. Fry was seen using the clover during this time, instead of Yancy taking taking it from the record vault. Given Philip J. Fry II's birth during the twelve year period, it is possible that his uncle gave the clover to him. Another possibility is that Yancy gave the clover to his son after his brother disappeared following the destruction of Panucci's Pizza.

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