Smart-ass teen

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Tertiary character
Smart-Ass Teen
Futurama Fry Am the Egg Man Smart-Ass Teen.jpg
The Smart-Ass Teen taking Lrrr's order.
First appearance"Fry Am the Egg Man"
Voiced byUnknown

The Smart-ass teen was introduced in "Fry Am the Egg Man". He is seen working at the Fishy Joe's at exit 51. He took the orders of Lrrr and the crew.

Additional Info


    Leela: I'll just have something from the light menu. How about the Gardener Lover's Salad.
    Smart-Ass Teen: [He holds up the salad and a nozzle.] What kinda cheese fillin' you want on that?
    Leela: [She sighs.] Just give me the Fruit Cup.
    Smart-Ass Teen: Okey doke. [He holds up the Fruit Cup and the nozzle again.] What kinda cheese fillin' you want on that?