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Tertiary character
Futurama Assie Come Home Tarquin.jpg
Planet of originUnknown
First appearance"Assie Come Home" (7ACV21)
Voiced byDavid Herman

Tarquin is a character who first appeared in "Assie Come Home". He is a lighthouse keeper who helps in the search for Bender's missing ass. Aside from being a lighthouse keeper, he also holds several other occupations, and also makes money by salvaging the ships that sink near his lighthouse, which he used to buy the Blue Man Group, which he then used to become a butcher and sell blue meat.

After helping Bender recover his lost ass, the group finds out that Bender's ass makes an excellent reflective mirror which can be used to light up the lighthouse, at first Bender is hesitant but hands it over for the good of cursing sailors. After they leave, Tarquin decides to pass the time with Bender's ass by reading a passage from the Bible. Soon after the rotating device holding the ass begins to go out of control and flings the ass into space where it saves a boy from falling into a space well and then returns to Bender. Tarquin is then left without a reflector, which results in ships crashing near his lighthouse again.

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